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Aboriginal and European archaeological survey and impact assessments – all aspects of site recording, heritage impact assessment and significance assessment for DA, re-zoning, residential/commercial/industrial subdivision, urban release or infrastructure projects of any size, including EIS, REF, LES, DCP, LEP, REP, Masterplanning.

Aboriginal and European archaeological test and salvage excavations - experience in excavation of all Aboriginal sites including shell middens, open camp sites, rockshelter sites, occupation deposit and human remains, as well as a range of European historical sites.

Aboriginal and European history and interpretation – proven expertise in archival and oral history research and production of detailed, thematic or targeted histories as well as heritage and historical interpretation for impact assessment, heritage planning studies, public education and community research projects.

Heritage planning and conservation studies – extensive experience in preparation and delivery of heritage strategic planning studies, Conservation Management Plans and Interpretation Plans from site specific projects to whole of Local Government Area plans.

Regulatory and legal advice – for project planning of any scale, with specific expertise in policy and regulatory requirements and proven track record with legal Expert Witness advice for Land and Environment Court proceedings and Commissions of Inquiry.

Aboriginal heritage inductions and heritage management training – delivery of Workplace Health and Safety inductions and compliance measures for MDCA projects, and provision of heritage management training to local government and private industry.

Aboriginal community liaison – wide-ranging experience in Aboriginal community consultation and liaison for archaeological, historical and heritage planning projects.