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MDCA is the longest running cultural heritage firm in New South Wales, specialising in Aboriginal heritage and history.

Since 1973, MDCA have offered professional services to both the private and public sector. MDCA undertakes heritage consultancies requiring site survey, site recording and assessment and management planning for Environmental Impact Statements, Local Environmental Studies, Local and Regional Environmental Plans, Local Government and Regional Heritage Studies, Aboriginal Heritage Conservation Management Plans, Cultural Tourism, Development and re-zoning Applications and Feasibility Studies. We also provide Aboriginal historical research and interpretation services to Local and State Government and community research projects, including the development of online content.

The Principal Consultants are Mary Dallas and Dr Paul Irish, who deliver Aboriginal heritage and history services together with archaeologist Tamika Goward. Historical heritage services are provided by Dan Tuck. Specialist stone artefact analysis and physical anthropological identification and forensics is provided by Emeritus Professor Richard Wright.